• Episode 9-2

    Second half of the extremely comfortable episode 9.

  • Episode 9-1

    Just two guys, discussing great topics on this episode. Oh! and we had a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EPISODE 8-2

    Barry from the MISFITZ stays with us and we have a lot of fun.

  • EPISODE 8-1

    We chat with Barry (the President of the MISFITZ) and talk about his organization, bikes, bars, and a little too much B.S.We are now breaking down our shows into 2 […]

  • EPISODE 5!

    In this episode Flo “Queen of Doc Hollidays” joins us to discuss a lot of bar etiquette stuff. Sami and Tatum join us, Tatum “Little Miss Wood River” is looking […]

  • Episode 4!

    In Episode 4 we discuss a lot about the Mason’s and Shriners and some upcoming events. Run down all the local places that have music this weekend. Discuss lots of […]

  • EPISODE 3!

    Episode 3 – The Corner Flub. Brittney Quigley joins us on this episode. We talk about what irks band members, how to support local bands, upcoming bands and where they […]

  • Episode 2!

    Episode 2 is up and posted. Me and Nate go over a bunch of stuff in the local bar scene, we bring in John (by egging him on) to talk […]

  • Episode 1!

    Welcome to Episode 1 of the Resurrected “The Corner Flub” Podcast. In this episode, Cowboy from the Bushpilots sits in and discusses what bands are going on in the local […]